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Our Work Helps Customers Stay Safe

Completed Projects

Hina Environmental Solutions employees have performed numerous successful projects for a variety of clients. We “Partner” with our clients to ensure their expectations are met or exceeded. Your problem “IS” Our problem.

Asbestos Abatement
Ohio State University – Columbus, Ohio

Hina Environmental Solutions performed the removal of 4,400 linear feet of window caulking/glazing from 410 windows. abatement, exterior window system at the Ohio State University Dodd Hall located in Columbus, Ohio.

website-Net-Jets-Bio -Remediation
Completed Bio-Remediation (Bird Droppings) Project

Hina Environmental Solutions personnel have completed the bird-dropping clean-up at Net Jets and Chillicothe VA buildings. Hina personnel removed all the droppings from I-beams and joists throughout the structures. The customers have been very pleased with the work.