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At Hina Environmental Solutions, Our Business is Your Safety


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About Hina Environmental

At Hina Environmental Solutions, our commitment to upholding our mission and values drives us forward. We believe in fostering strong partnerships with our customers by maintaining open and prompt communication

Our approach is both friendly and professional as we work together with you to help ensure your safety and the safety of everyone who touches your property. We do this through a team composed of dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are fully qualified, trained, and certified to handle any size project.

Meet Our Team

Our team is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service possible. We believe that by doing this, we stay true to our core vision of changing the perception of the abatement industry.

At all times, we strive to ensure that all employees live up to this standard, and our employees take great pride in knowing that they are working to keep your property safe and compliant.

Hina Environmental Solutions - Bounsy Keohaname
Bounsy Keohaname
Co-Owner, Majority
Hina Environmental Solutions - Brian Walker
Brian Walker
Co-Owner, Minority
Hina Environmental Solutions - Lynnda Little
Lynnda Little
Office Manager
Hina Team - Nick Whitehair
Shane Holstein
Safety, Inspections & Radon Manager
Hina Environmental Solutions - Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas
Team Leader 3
Hina Environmental Solutions - Eric Swanson
Eric Swanson
Team Leader I
Hina Environmental Solutions - Phil Medley
Phil Medley
Radon Mitigation Specialist & Team Leader I
Hina Environmental Solutions - Jacob Rector
Jacob Rector
Warehouse Supervisor
Hina Team
Nick Whitehair
Team Leader 2
Hina Team - Paul Sasala
Paul Sasala
Office Assistant

Safety is Our Core Focus

Hina's top priority is ensuring safe working conditions for all employees, even in adverse situations where risks for asbestos and lead exposure or accidents are heightened.

Our goal is to maintain a safe workplace for everyone and set a benchmark for all personnel on-site. Guided by our Safety Professional and OSHA-competent Supervisors, we've developed a comprehensive Health and Safety Plan for employees, as well as site-specific plans for individual projects.

All field staff must participate in a medical monitoring program and maintain First Aid and CPR certifications. They are also certified in relevant Asbestos Supervisor, Worker, and Hazard Evaluation Specialist training programs, along with Lead Risk Assessor, Contractor, and Worker training programs.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the abatement company who changed the perception of the abatement industry.

Our Mission Statement

We will accomplish our vision by providing superior, innovative solutions to our client’s environmental needs and to provide our team leaders with meaningful work and advancement opportunities which, commands a sustainable competitive advantage.


Customer Relationships
We are committed to the highest ethics and integrity. We exist to serve our customers and to earn their trust, confidence and repeat business.

Team Work
We strive to produce results far beyond the capabilities of individuals by working as a team. Our Team Leaders are creative and enterprising specialist.

Team Leaders
Each member of our Team is fully licensed by the Ohio Department of Health and is trained to meet and exceed all regulations by Federal EPA, Ohio EPA, NESHAPS and OSHA. We use a certified merit system for hiring and evaluating our Team Members. Our success requires us to trust in our Team Leaders, respect their individual contributions and make a commitment to their personal and professional development. Our Team Leaders are trustworthy, honorable, respectful, treat others with dignity, have integrity and take ownership of our work.

Productivity / Recognition
We foster and cultivate an environment where high performance and break through achievements are valued and recognized for their efforts.

Action / Flexibility
We will act aggressively with clear purpose and a sense of urgency yet be flexible and adapt to change quickly. We encourage our Team Leaders to make a difference in your life.

Economic Mission
We will operate the Company on a sustainable profitable growth but only from the work that satisfies customer needs and that benefits the partnership. We strive for our client’s seal of approval.

Hina Core Values