Certified Lead Removal and Risk Assessment Professionals Serving the Columbus, OH Area

Homes built before the U.S. regulated lead paint in 1978 can pose a lead contamination risk for residents, especially kids if the paint is consumed or decomposes into outside soil. At Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC, we partner with homeowners in Columbus, OH to identify lead contamination risks and execute safe, professional lead paint removal.

Testing for Lead Paint

We offer three options for lead paint testing; the best choice depends on the reason for testing.

Before painting or beginning renovations, a lead-based paint inspection can reveal the presence of lead-bearing paint indoors or outdoors. We take samples from all the home’s painted surfaces and analyze them onsite using the InnovX System XRF (X-ray fluorescence). The XRF reveals the presence of lead paint but does not report its condition.

Alternatively, a lead risk assessment is much more rigorous. We locate and evaluate decomposing lead paint, and also test dust and soil samples. The assessment shows the current condition of the lead paint and suggests methods to abate it.

For low-risk homes, a hazard screen is a similar but less intensive approach. We examine any deteriorating paint plus two dust samples (floors and windows) for the probability of a lead risk. If the results are positive, a risk assessment is the next step to take.

Lead Paint Removal Options

If old lead paint isn’t peeling, it poses no serious risk. Wherever there is a risk, Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC can safely abate it using one of the following four approved methods, depending on the case:

  • Encapsulate the lead paint under a specially-formulated coating
  • Enclose the surface behind a new one (e.g., drywall or cladding)
  • Remove the paint using environmentally-safe tools and procedures
  • Replace the lead-contaminated components (e.g., new doors)

Encapsulation and enclosure work until the seal is broken, or the enclosure is removed. Lead paint removal and replacement are both permanent fixes.

Lead Abatement in Columbus, OH

At Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC, we’re certified local professionals who specialize in lead paint removal and comply with all federal and state regulations. If you’re a homeowner concerned about lead paint, contact us online or call us at (614) 272-8780 today for more information or to schedule a testing.

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