Safety Statement

Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC safety policy is to maintain safe working conditions for all employees under all conditions. Most of our work is performed under adverse conditions, and risks for asbestos and lead exposure and accidents are elevated.

It is the goal and commitment of Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC to continue to have a safe work place for all employees and to set an example for all other working personnel on the site. Under the direction of our Safety Professional and OSHA competent Supervisors, Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC has developed a comprehensive general Health and Safety Plan for our employees as well as site-specific Health and Safety Plans for individual projects.

Each field employee is required to partake in a medical monitoring program and all field personnel employees maintain First Aid and CPR certification. Each field employee is certified under applicable Asbestos Supervisor, Asbestos Worker, and Asbestos Hazard Evaluation Specialist training programs. In addition, each employee is certified under applicable Lead Risk Assessor, Lead Contractor, Lead Worker training programs.

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